Custom Dumpsters & Compactors

We build custom compactors and dumpsters.

Our custom-built designs can fit in tight spaces in compact thrash rooms in high-rise complexes or apartment buildings. We work with clients to ensure our compactors and dumpsters meet the highest standards to your specifications and needs.

V5 Chute Fed Compactor

Our V5 compactor allows for side feed, rear fee or chute feed. Typically used in conjunction with chute-fed applications this workhorse offers ground-loading assess door and standard side attachments. Its compact design minimizes overall costs, pick-up frequency, and labor hours – making it a smart choice for most applications. V5 specifications can be downloaded for reference.

V5 Phat Chute Fed Compactor

The V5 Phat Chute Fed Compactor features side feed, rear feed or chute feed. Compaction is the key to savings and the V5 Phat is designed to fit into tight spaces.

The V5 Phat apartment compactor features a crossed scissor cylinder mini-design and totally automatic operation to eliminate the waste generated by all floors of a building. This compactor will minimize costs, pick up frequency and labor hours.

Custom Built Dumpsters

Our dumpsters are made of highly durable materials and are efficient for waste common areas. It has two ground-loading access doors and single-end attachment to the standard V5 compactor. We offer several sizes and can custom-build to your specific needs.
• 1x2CY Dumpster
• 2CY Dumpster
• 3CY Phat Dumpster
• 4CY Phat Dumpster

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