Linen Chutes

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Chute Construction

Linen Chute Specifications

Linen Chutes Full Diagram Valiant Products Inc. Components are fully factory assembled with all joints welded or lock seamed. There is one slip joint per floor. All chutes have a flush interior and are assembled without bolts, rivets or clips protruding into the chute opening. Chutes are equipped with chute support clips pre-positioned at the factory to insure proper chute alignment. The adjustable intake door and frame are securely fastened to the intake throat. If required, off-sets will be reinforced and supported in impact areas.


Valiant Products, Inc. chutes are constructed of 16 gauge standard aluminized steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.


Valiant Products, Inc. chutes are available in 36″, 30″, and 24″ diameters. The standard chute size is 24″ per NFPA recommendations.

Intake Doors

Valiant Products, Inc. U.L. “B” labeled self closing intake doors are constructed of 22 gauge polished stainless steel fronts and 18 gauge aluminized steel backs. Each door is equipped with a chrome plated Tee handle with lock & two keys, fire rated latching mechanism and stainless steel pivot hinge.

Discharge Doors

Two types of fire discharge doors are available from Valiant Products, Inc. The standard sliding discharge is spring loaded and help open with a 155° U.L. approved fusible link.

The sliding discharge is used for both trash & linen chutes when the material drops directly into a container. Hopper type discharge doors consist of a stainless steel “B” label constructed type door held open by a 155° U.L. approved fusible link. Hopper type discharge doors are used when a 90° offset is required to go thru a wall.


Valiant Products, Inc. vents are made the same diameter as the chute and extend ‘ above the finished roof per NFPA recommendations. Vents are constructed of 22 gauge galvanized steel and are complete with roof flashing and metal weather cap.

Sprinkler System

Valiant Products, Inc. furnishes one (1) U.L. approved 1/2″, 155° automatic brass sprinkler head above the top intake door of each chute complete with a fitting for connection by a plumber. Depending on the number of floors and local fire codes, additional sprinkler heads are furnished on alternate lower floors.

Flushing Head

Valiant Products, Inc. furnishes one (1) 1/2″ brass spray head, above the intake door of each chute, complete with a fitting for connection by plumber.

Optional Equipment

When required, optional equipment such as sound insulation, isolator pads, electric door interlocks, sanitizing units, smoke detectors are available. Contact the factory at (863)688-7998 for specific information.

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