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Smile-and-MoveOur components are fully factory assembled with all joints welded or lock seamed. There is one slip joint per floor. All chutes have a flush interior and are assembled without bolts, rivets or clips protruding into the chute opening. Chutes are equipped with chute support clips pre-positioned at the factory to insure proper chute alignment. Valiant Tenant Lockers turn dead building space into profit.

We at Valiant want to make an impact. We want to matter. We want our lives to have meaning. And all of that comes from creating value for others… from service and care.

That’s it. (Don’t let anyone sell you on anything less.)

It’s time to get over ourselves. It’s time to be awake and accountable to work and the people around us… to exceed expectations… to be resourceful and resilient in our efforts.

It’s time to Smile & Move.

Love your work

Recent Testimonials

Hilton Garden Inn Logo

“We want to congratulate Valiant Products, Inc. for their unrivaled efforts and hard work on the Hilton Garden Inn Project in El Paso, Texas. The purpose of this letter is to formally commend you for the excellent service that was provided to EBCO General Contractor, Ltd. on a project with an aggressive schedule and complex installation scope. In our opinion, the level of service that you extended to our company was above our expectations…Read More

Byron, Great job out at Caylor Gardens, Ownership is very happy with the final product you guys have provided. Thank you

Drew Frumkin, Donohoe Construction Company

Valiant Products Inc Thank you guys so much for the quick responses. I wish all our subs were as helpful. We will be reaching out to get you guys involved in the full scope with many other trash chutes as well. Thank you

Mike Wilson, Adolfson & Peterson Construction




Valiant Products, Inc. Featured in Polk in Progress

Valiant Products, Inc. Featured in Progress In Polk

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When things get tough and I fall short I will remind myself I can accomplish anything with time, effort, patience, and resilience…anything.

When my situation is not the best I will do the best with what I have.

I will be resourceful and responsible.

I will get over myself and expect more of myself.

I will be obligated to this world and the people in it.

I will give more. I will enjoy more.

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